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The landscape of the genomics industry is changing rapidly, with new companies rising and falling with increasing frequency.  Before investing, it’s essential to have a trusted, experienced partner who understands the challenges that new technologies and companies face in this burgeoning marketplace.  With years of experience as an external and internal scientific lead at two commercial stage pharmacogenomics companies, Medigenics Consulting has an unparalleled understanding of what it takes to find success in the industry.


The product sounds good, but how well established is its scientific foundation?  Medigenics Consulting can evaluate the product offerings of genomic and pharmacogenomic companies at a granular level, ensuring that you are placing your trust in an evidence-based product.


A good science-backed product is only the first step.  Will the company's approach adequately address the needs and concerns of the clinical market?  With an in-depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities that genomics companies face in the clinical environment, Medigenics Consulting can provide insight into the major opportunities and pitfalls that an investment stage company may encounter.


In the changing reimbursement landscape, understanding the reimbursement strategy of a company is essential to determining their profitability.  Medigenics Consulting brings expertise in reimbursement strategy, including generating CMS coverage for a pharmacogenomic testing product.


Clinical adoption and reimbursement rely on a strong clinical trial pipeline.  Medigenics Consulting has years of experience in managing clinical trial pipelines and can help you understand whether proposed trials are properly positioned to achieve stated goals.

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